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Chandler Johnson

Realistic Fiction Module

3 min read


Here are my annotations for the realistic fiction module. I read Shut my mouth wide open: Realistic fiction and social action.


Writing Task

According to the article Shut My Mouth Wide Open: Realistic Fiction and Social Action written by Cynthia A. Tyson, does she feel that fairy tales should be taught throughout the curriculum? Why or why not?

She feels like fairy tales should not be in the curriculum because for some children, they will not be able to connect to the story and will not want to learn. So, she decided to change up the story and have more contemporary stories so that the students will want to learn  However, I think that it depends on where you are teaching and the demographics of the school you are in. People in some areas might be interested in the fairy tales, or you could change up the fairy tales a little bit to represent who the students are.

 In the article Depictions and Gaps: Portrayal of U.S. Poverty in Realistic Fiction Children's Picture Books why is it that some areas in the books reflect the reality in the United States, but areas such as poverty are misrepresented? Provide examples and support your thoughts

I think authors are getting better at representing all areas of society whether it be different genders, socioeconomic class or different races and ethnicities. However, I think that poverty is underrepresented because it is not the norm. Also some people who are writing the stories may be middle class and may not know anyone who is poor. I think it has gotten better as the time goes on and that people are more aware of different cultures and types of people. 


Participation Task

For my lesson plan I am going to use the book Allie's Basketball Dream by Barbara E. Barber, Barber. It would be geared towards third grade and I think it would be a good book because around third grade a lot of students enjoy watching and playing basketball.

Summery- Allie's always been hooked on basketball, but the boys she knows won't play with her. On the verge of giving up, Allie has one last go at it--and she makes the basket! Inspired by her persistence, her friends all want to join in. 

At the beginning of the lesson I would have a piece of paper on the board and ask the students what information they know about the genre Realistic Fiction. I would write them on the piece of paper. Once I was done with that I will read the book aloud to the class. As I am reading the story, I would ask important questions about why Allie enjoys basketball and why the boys do not want to play with her. After I read the story, I would have the students go to their desk and fill out an organizer that talks about main events, and details. FInally I would end the lesson by asking two or three students what they learned. 

Chandler Johnson

Biography Module

2 min read


I enjoyed this module becuase I like biographies and I like learning about different time periods. Here are my annotiations.


Writing Task

Diary Entry 

Dear Journal,

I cannot believe the war is finally over. It felt like forever ago that I was walking into camp a young boy who had no idea what to expect. I hope mom is okay, I have not heard from her in a while. I am looking forward to eating some of the tasty homemade chicken noodle soup. Now I have to make the long trench back home. I am thankful that the fighting is now over and I can relax a little.

until next time


Participation task



So i could not decide which pictures decribe my life so I have a lot. The pictures along the top represent family and my birthday. My cousin and I are a year and 2 days apart so we would always have our family party together. The two pictures of the cats are my cats, Boots and tiger in the one picture and Kiddie the cat in the other. They are my life. The next picture is of me skiing. I love skiing and have been for most of my life. I feel so free when i am heading down the mountain. The next couple pictures are of me and my friends goofing off like usual. The next photo represents me becoming a teacher in the next couple of years and hopefully changing a few children. The last photo represents my karate time and reminds me that just becasue i reached my blackbelt, that just means I am a beginner again. I really enjoyed doing this activity and picking out the photos that are really important to me. 

Chandler Johnson

Fantasy Module

2 min read


I think this was my favorite module because fantasy/sci fi books are my favorite type of books. I love reading books about the future. Here is my annotations-


Do you think that fantasy and science fiction books, like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and the hundreds of age appropriate books and series, should be a part of standard curriculum or read as optional pleasure/summer reading books?

Before reading the article I probably would have said that it should just be a summer reading book but now that i have read the article I think it belongs in a standard curriculum because children enjoy reading the books and when children enjoy the books then they are going to become more engaged. Also there are ways of incorporating sci fi books into the curriculum. For example The Hunger games and talking about the government and also you can learn some things from Harry Potter. 


Participation task

In my fantasy world, there would be cats and dogs everywhere. There would also be one giant pool and it would be sunny all day so I could enjoy the pool all day. 

Chandler Johnson

Myth Modules

2 min read


I read the article, The Modern Quest: Teaching Myths and Folktales. I thought It was an interesting article and it is important to teach about myths. Stories about gods and goddesses have become a little more common with stories such as Percy Jackson series. Percy Jackson is a Demi-god whos father is Posiden and his mother is human. 

Here is my annotations-


Mini Lesson

So the mini lesson is going to be for second grade. The common core standard is 

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RL.3.2 – Recount stories, including fables, folktales, and myths from diverse cultures; determine the central message, lesson, or moral and explain how it is conveyed through key details in the text.

So I have found that children remember things easier if they learn something through art or visual learners. I decided to teach this standard through drama. At the start of the lesson I ask my students if they know any facts about myths. Then I would teach them a little about myths and who the characters are. Then I would read them a myth and talk to them about who the characters are and what happened in the story. Finally I would use the myth that we just read and I would let the students act out the play with them being the characters and everything. For an assessment I would have them write about the myth and what the central message or moral is. 



I decided to do the Diapoem for the particpation task because I thought it would be fun and something I could do with my students one day. 

1. Greek name:  Hera

2. Four traits of character: Vindictive, Jealous, nurturing, beautiful 

3. Relative of: Brother of Posidan, Zeus and Hades

4. Lover of: Zeus

5. Who feels: sad

6. Who needs: She needs a perfect family

7. Who fears: not being loved

8. Who gives: grief to others about jealousy 

9. Who would like to see: her husband not cheat on her

10. Resident of: Mount Olympus 

11. Roman Name: Juno  

Chandler Johnson

Fables Module

2 min read


I read the article Common Core, Critical Thinking and Aesop's Fables and I thought it had a few interesting points about critical thinking and it talked about some fables and had some “What if” points that I had not thought of before.

Here are my annotations


Writing my own fable


I have never written my own fable before so here is my attempt at a fable.


There was once a town in the country where there lived a cow. When the cow was little some bad people tied a rope around his neck and tied him to a fence. He was only a little cow and was not strong enough to ripe the fence from the ground. As the years went on, the cow got bigger and stronger and could have easily pulled the fence from the ground. However, because of the years of the cow being too small and weak to pull the fence left the cow feeling hopeless. Then one day while the big, strong cow was attached to the fence, he heard a cat calling out for help. With a swift twist of his neck the cow was able to break the rope and pull the fence from the ground and save the cat.


The moral of the story is to not be afraid of being confident in yourself and to believe in yourself. Do not let the invisible rope bring you down.


The fox and the grapes 


I think that the moral of the story is to despise what you cannot have. I think it is interesting because in my Psychology class this semester we learned that if something goes wrong then we blame the external force, for example in this story the fox could not get the grapes because of the external force which is that the grapes were sour. 


Some questions that I would ask students about this fable are 

1. Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted something but you could not get it? What did you do in that situation?

2. How do you think the fox could have responded differently?

3. Do you think the fox could have eventually gotten the grapes if he tried something different?

Chandler Johnson

Walk my world #9

1 min read

For walk my world #9 we had to do the story of me and it was interesting to see my journey up until this point. I enjoyed doing the different events each week and learning more about myself each week. 

Chandler Johnson

Walk my world #6

1 min read

For Walk my world #6 we had to talk about the noises in our lives. The sound i chose was the sound of children laughing. I chose this sound becuase I work for Jumpstart through Americorps and I love to hear the laughs of the children in the preschool that i work in. I chose this sound becuase whenever I hear this sound it makes me really happy and it gets me excited for my future for when I have my own classroom and children one day. 

Chandler Johnson

Walk my world #8

1 min read

For Walk my world #8 we had to talk about Where we are going in the future. There are a lot of things that I hope to accomplish in the future. In 5 years I hope to have gotten my masters in Deaf Education and hope to have a job working with deaf and hard of hearing elementary aged children. I think I want a more suburban elementary school compared to a urban school setting. I want to hopefully travel a lot both before and after I find the right person to marry. In 10 years I hope to have a couple kids, I also want to adopt a child. I want to know that I have my future planned but i know that sometimes there are bumps and changes in the road that are unplanned and i have to be flexible and change my path when that happens.


Chandler Johnson

Walk my world #5

1 min read

For Walk my world #5 we had to talk about a turning point in our lives. I had one major turning point in my life. It happened when i was in 5th/6th grde. I was diagnosed as being hard of hearing and i had to get hearing aids. I had no idea what to expect, i just knew that i had not been able to hear the TV or the teacher talking. I first got my hearing aids and I kept forgetting to wear them which does not do them any good if they are not in my ears. I did not feel embarrassed about my disability but i was not too comfortable about it either. Over time i realized that i was special and that i just needed a little extra help becuase of my disability but i do not let it stop me from doing anything i put my mind to. 

Chandler Johnson

Walk my world #2

1 min read

For walkmyworld #2 we had to talk about where we came from. I come from a big Portuguese family in Rhode Island. We get together twice a year for a huge family party and it is awesome. We have the traditional portuguese feast such as perogies and Cacoila.