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Chandler Johnson

Fantasy Module

2 min read


I think this was my favorite module because fantasy/sci fi books are my favorite type of books. I love reading books about the future. Here is my annotations-


Do you think that fantasy and science fiction books, like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and the hundreds of age appropriate books and series, should be a part of standard curriculum or read as optional pleasure/summer reading books?

Before reading the article I probably would have said that it should just be a summer reading book but now that i have read the article I think it belongs in a standard curriculum because children enjoy reading the books and when children enjoy the books then they are going to become more engaged. Also there are ways of incorporating sci fi books into the curriculum. For example The Hunger games and talking about the government and also you can learn some things from Harry Potter. 


Participation task

In my fantasy world, there would be cats and dogs everywhere. There would also be one giant pool and it would be sunny all day so I could enjoy the pool all day.